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There is a place I go to in my dreams. A magical place by the sea. There is a gentle breeze on my face and crispness in the air so I need a beanie. The seagrass is tall and vast and wonders over the sand dunes. My spirit in flight in this place. It resonates with the young innocent, sense of wonder, wide-eyed girl who still lives inside of me. Perhaps this is a made up place.. a combination of many places.

I was 18 years old I first travelled from my home in Northern California to Marin County. It was in 1984. I spent a long weekend in the hills of Mill Valley. Up a windy road lined with a mix of beat up VW’s and new white BMW college graduation gifts I entered an older hour. Three stories of creaking wood and overgrown trees almost engulfing the entryway. It was on this weekend that I was first introduced to the fairy filled area of Stinson Beach and Muir Beach.


This weekend has always remained in slow motion for me. Even though I don’t remember any of the names of the people I was with or any specific details. Something in this area ignited my little girl inside. She couldn’t drink the energy and essence fast enough. Several winters ago I was fortunate enough to rent a

home in the sand on Stinson Beach. Oh how my little girl giggled and twirled freely again. The dream was a reality on this beach. The sounds, the smell the floating feeling was now a reality. We drove up the road to Bolinas. A tiny village really. With a real biker dude kind of bar, small market, one or two little stores, funky health food store and on the way out of town this little produce stand. I felt like I was living in a movie. There was no one selling the gorgeous bounty

of fruit, vegetables, flowers and even fresh eggs. There was simply a scale and a notebook. An honor system for payment. I had to pinch myself. Was this for real? Innocent little girl was beside herself with joy. I spent last summer there in the same house for another week. Daily trips to Point Reyes Station to get my supplies of fresh bread, meat and vegetables. Every night a new surprise. In this entry you will find inspiring recipes and my suggestions for the area


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